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What people are saying

"Paradigm Services did everything they said they were going to do. Every contact was professional. Installation was seamless. Our processing didn’t skip a beat. New, EMV-compliant equipment, made our processing faster and more reliable. Processing costs went down by 25%. We now get our AmEx funding the next day instead of waiting for 3 or 4 days. What’s not to love?"

Cody Adams, Coker Flooring. Dallas, TX.

"Easy installation and service switch-over. And as promised, our overall processing costs have gone down. We take a fairly high percentage of card transactions in our business. Lower cost means more profit. Taking card transactions is a little less painful now. Thanks Paradigm Services!"

Joseph Marisco, Alize and Andre’s Restaurants. Las Vegas, NV

"It felt like I was actually speaking with a true expert from the very first sit-down appointment. The Secure Merchant Relief Program delivered! EMV compliance. Lower costs. Faster funding. Paradigm Services is an easy choice. "

Jason Baker, Lion Share Management. Scottsdale, AZ

"To be honest, we were afraid to switch providers. We’d heard promises before that never came true. We had difficult provider transitions before. We felt like we had some pretty demanding technical requirements. Paradigm Services assured us that they could handle all of the particulars. Worked out perfectly, with no major issues. Great support team from first contact. Best we’ve ever found!"

Katie Greenman, Spill the Wine Minneapolis, MN